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NUST Graduate Sarah Qureshi’s Supersonic Engine Earns Patents in US and GB

Sarah Qureshi, a notable alumnus of the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), has achieved a significant milestone in the field of aviation....

Yumna Zaidi Mesmerizes Fans with Stunning ‘Meerub’ Collection Shoot

Yumna Zaidi, renowned for her exceptional acting skills, has embarked on a mission to captivate her fans with her breathtakingly beautiful photographs. In addition...

Nida Dar: Inspiring Generation and Revolutionizing Women’s Cricket in Pakistan

In a remarkable journey that transcends borders and societal expectations, https://instagram.com/cooldar8?igshid=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ== has emerged as a symbol of resilience and determination, igniting a revolution in...

Pakistani Women: Breaking Stereotypes, Battling for Equality Amidst Challenges

Pakistan, a country with a population comprising almost 50% women, is witnessing a remarkable shift in societal norms as women shatter stereotypes and achieve...

Young Woman Allegedly Shot Dead by Brother in Suspected Honor Killing Incident in Karachi, Pakistan

In a tragic incident that has sent shockwaves through the community, a young woman was allegedly shot dead by her own brother in Karachi,...


Parineeti Chopra Unveils Singing Talent with “Tu Jhoom” Cover, Dividing Fans

Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra surprised fans by showcasing her hidden singing talent with a soulful cover of the popular Coke Studio track, "Tu Jhoom." While some praised her for her heartfelt rendition, others expressed disappointment, sparking a debate among netizens. Discover Parineeti's impromptu performance and the mixed reactions it received.

Gucci Collaborates with Director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy to Celebrate Chime Campaign’s Tenth Anniversary

Gucci and director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy join forces to celebrate a decade of the Chime campaign, which advocates for gender equality and empowers women worldwide. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in their ongoing efforts to effect positive change. The thought-provoking video series, featuring renowned personalities, aims to spark conversations about equality. With Gucci's influential platform and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy's directorial prowess, this partnership is set to raise awareness and inspire action. Join the movement and witness the powerful fusion of fashion and activism as they commemorate this remarkable anniversary.

Ushna Shah and Hamza Amin’s Enchanting Parisian Escape: Love, Laughter, and Magical Moments

Ushna Shah and Hamza Amin, the dynamic duo, have taken Paris by storm with their awe-inspiring vacation. From attending Beyoncé's concert to exploring the grandeur of Versailles palace, this celebrity couple is redefining relationship goals. Join them as they embark on a magical journey, filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories in the City of Love.

United Nations Pakistan Celebrates 75 Years of Peacekeeping, Honoring Pakistani Heroes”

United Nations Pakistan, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, marked a momentous occasion as they celebrated 75 years of United Nations peacekeeping. The event paid tribute to the more than 200,000 Pakistani service women and men who have selflessly served in 46 UN Missions since 1960, including those who made the ultimate sacrifice. With Pakistan ranking among the largest troop contributors to UN peacekeeping, the nation takes great pride in its longstanding association and unwavering commitment to this noble cause. The commemoration highlighted Pakistan's significant contributions to global peace and reaffirmed the nation's strong support for the UN peacekeeping and peacebuilding architecture.