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Amanda Kloots Reveals Husband Nick Cordero Needs Double Lung Transplant

Amanda Kloots, wife of Canadian actor Nick Cordero revealed that her husband is in dire need of double lung transplant to live how he...

BLACKPINK’s ‘How You Like That’ Is Out Now

BLACKPINK has released the most-awaited comeback single 'How You Like That' today on 26, June 2020. Here's the MV of 'How You Like That'. It's been...

Video Reveals White Woman Allegedly Point A Gun On A Black Family

A horrifying incident happened in Orion parking lot which has left the family traumatized. A white woman was filmed pointed a gun at a...

Violent Moment Police Officer Punches Black Woman In Her Face

A video of a police officer has shocked everyone who punched a woman on her face at Miami International Airport. The startling assault was...

Woman save herself by calling 911 with her toes after she crushed her hands by car

A 54-year old woman from North Carolina suffered a punctured tire on a dark section of I-95 in Colleton County, South Carolina.

A 14-year-old girl used Snapchat to get help after being kidnapped

A 14-year old girl who was abducted in North California used Snapchat to share her location with her friends.

Woman asks for help at McDonald’s and gets rescued

In Lodi, California a woman walked to the counter at McDonald's and instead of placing an order she asked for help.

Woman strangled to death by an 8-foot reticulated python in Indiana

A 36-year old woman name Laura Hurst found dead in Indiana with a 2.4-meter-long 8-foot python rolled around her neck. Police discovered...

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