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This policy pertains to the data collection protocols that how we make use of it. is committed to protecting the rights of users /readers following certain rules and regulations which are stated below.  By submitting your information while visiting our site a user allows us to save the personal data as described below according to the standards maintained generally.

Certain information is fetched from the user:

  • While visiting the our webpage the web server recognizes the IP address only, no other information is required
  • Emails are collected only when a user subscribes, posts messages i.e. give feedback or any information volunteered by the user himself/herself
  • Any other contact information is only gathered when a user is willing to provide for any of promotions or services

Cookies:  Cookies are used to track a record of the site that what pages and how many times a user visit the website. Moreover to track the record of past activities so that user might be directed directly towards the areas of interest.

The above stated information is collected for few reasons:

  • To ensure better services for marketing purpose
  • For internal review specifically to improve the content of our webpage
  • To notify customers about updates made on the webpage

Security: While sending and receiving user data with our site, we use industry-standard encryption techniques so that any sensitive information sharing like financial, health or personal information redirect its visitor to secure server and will notify the user by making a pop up on screen to notify the users. So that the user could be protected against any loss, misuse or alteration of information that our site has collected.

We contemplate the use of personal information carefully. We do practice certain regulations to ensure user protection. This privacy protection includes information about your rights and the site’s obligations. We provide clarity and transparency of collecting user information and use of this particular data. makes Commitments on your right protection and responding to your queries on time as an obligation.