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Woman commits suicide after fatally shot her husband and two teenage sons

Joan Huber, a 53 years old woman after killing her husband along with her two sons, killed herself in Reno.

40-years-old woman found dead in her house in Bolton

A 40-year old woman found dead in her home in Bolton. She has serious injuries when police reached her place.

Woman beheaded her mother with a knife and scissors and remove her brain

Odessa Tammy Carey, a killer daughter who cut off her 73-years old mother's head with a scissor and knife at her home in...

19-month old baby was assaulted in broad daylight on bus

A woman and her 19-month-old baby were on the bus when a shocking incident happened. The little girl was crying when a...

93-year-old woman left injured by burglars during house burglary

A 93-years old woman was attacked while she was sleeping in her house. Burglars entered her house and one of them put...

Steven Spielberg’s daughter charged with domestic violence

Mikaela Spielberg, daughter of American filmmaker Steven Spielberg has been charged with the assault. She has been arrested and taken to jail...

Chinese couple was tied up in a suitcase and dumped into the river while still Alive

A married Chinese couple was tied up, placed inside suitcases and thrown into a river while still alive in Thailand.

Chinese woman approached by a self-proclaimed mask supplier online receives empty box

A 27-year-old resident of China Gao has run a shop on social media platform WeChat for about five years and sells beauty...

Hot Pockets heiress convicted in college admission scam

Michelle Janavs, the heiress to the Hot Pockets fortune received the sentence after admitting to taking part in college admission cheating and...