Mabel Addington – Editor

Top 1% provider! “Blown away. Tracy’s work was amazing, and she’s incredibly fast. Hard to find that combination.” “You should have Tracy on your short list of editors that you want to hire and then “press the hire button.”   Hiring a writer or editor is an investment in the success of your project, and I’m dedicated to learning about your needs and getting you results. Your project is infinitely important to the success of your business or personal endeavor, and Finesse guarantees perfection.   My 26-year history of publishing and 11 years teaching English in university classrooms is the foundation upon which I created Finesse Writing and Editing.

Mark Lopez

Translation from English to Italian, French to Italian and vice versa with a focus on management, academic and marketing documents and websites.  With over 15 years of experience as a Project Manager for an American company in Italy my ability to translate all types of documents has passed the test of time.  With the addition of an extensive background in Management and Legal, I am able to accommodate projects well beyond the scope of translation and welcome the chance to prove myself in this forum.  Recently my team has grown up with three new freelancers, French and Russian mother tongue. They will test their skills on upwork portal so as to prove their capabilities. We can therefore act as an Agency; summarizing, translations can be made as follows: Russian vs. English and vice versa Russian vs. Italian and vice versa French vs. Italian and vice versa English vs. Italian and vice versa

Samand Dodson

I am a professional writer with more than 10 years experience in research, writing, editing and proofreading across a range of sectors including journalism, education, academia, and charities/non-profits. I am seasoned at crafting copy for various purposes and audiences. I have researched, written, edited or proofread academic journal articles, theses, technical manuals, press releases, reports, feature articles, web site content, promotional material, policy papers and grant proposals.   When it comes to writing and proofreading, I insist on getting words, tone and style right for the purpose and the audience.   I enjoy shaping text that is clear, accurate, and readily understandable. I understand that the right placement of a comma is as important as a catchy turn of phrase.

Samand Fulton

Proficient ENG-FR interpreter and French proofreader
* Master’s degree in English contemplates.
* Blogger: articles/surveys about dream writing
* 6y involvement in deciphering/editing French records and in composing French surveys and articles.
* 4y involvement in online interpretation from English to French of subtitles.

Darcy Audley

An Honours graduate from Canada’s most prestigious journalism school, Carleton University, I have over ten years writing and editorial experience, which spans blogging, SEO, branding and creating author platforms, online marketing, public relations, and corporate communications. My articles can found on such prestigious publications as The Huffington Post,,, Your Tango, and the New York Times’ I’ve also appeared in USA Today, the Daily Mail, CBC’s documentary, The Truth About Female Desire, and CTV’s talkshow, The Social.  My memoir, titled “The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom” (Seal Press, 2012), was turned into a 2014 Lifetime Movie.   I co-founded and acted as COO and Managing Editor of the number one divorce e-magazine, Divorced Women Online. I also trained with renown relationship expert Dr. John Gray (“Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”) to become a dating, relationships, and divorce coach