Unveiling Mae Muller’s Empowering Debut Album: A Journey of Vulnerability and Strength


Mae Muller, the 25-year-old singer who mesmerized audiences at the Eurovision Song Contest with her powerful performance of “I Wrote a Song,” is ready to take the music world by storm once again. Muller took to her Instagram and revealed that her highly anticipated debut album, titled “Sorry I’m Late”, is set to release on September 15.

Muller’s debut album will show off her empowering and vulnerable sides. She will drop a collection of tracks that explore love, loss, and the complexities of relationships with fearless honesty. Mae Muller has a strong personality, and she is known for her feisty, outspoken, and self-assured character. She is all set to show a new side of herself through her debut record.

She shows her excitement for this album’s release in her own words, saying, “I’m truly revealing a different side of myself on this album: a vulnerable one, one that I haven’t spoken about before.” Muller hopes to demonstrate through “Sorry I’m Late” that she is not only capable of projecting strength and confidence but also has the capacity to feel sadness and weakness. Muller aims to empower her audience by promoting the idea that real strength comes from accepting one’s own weakness and embracing all aspects of our nature.

Furthermore, Muller has also revealed the track list of her debut album. The album will include her Eurovision dance-pop break-up song, which climbed at number nine in the UK charts, as well as previously released singles ‘I Just Came To Dance’ and ‘Better Days’, the latter of which is a duet with Neiked and Polo G. ‘Sorry Daniel’, ‘Bitch with A Broken Heart’, ‘Me’, ‘Myself & I’, ‘Tatiana (with Dylan)’, ‘Somebody New’, ‘I Wish I Could Hate You’, ‘Little Bit Sad’, ‘MTJL’, ‘Breathe’, ‘Something Real’, ‘Nervous (In A Good Way)’, and ‘Nervous (In A Good Way)’ are among the other tracks on the album.

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