Unlocking Brilliance: The Autistic Girls Who Earned a Master’s Degree at 11 


In a remarkable feat of intellectual prowess, an autistic girl has achieved what most can only dream of. With an IQ surpassing that of Albert Einstein, Adhara Pérez Sánchez earned a master’s degree at the age of 11. Adhara Pérez Sánchez, a Mexican native, is an exceptionally gifted 11-year-old girl. Her incredible achievements have not only defied societal expectations but have also shattered barriers for individuals with autism. Sanchez holds degrees in industrial engineering with a focus on mathematics from the Technological University of Mexico and systems engineering from CNCI University. 

It is disclosed that her IQ is 162, which is higher than Einstein’s. Adhara Pérez Sánchez’s journey started with early education and an autism diagnosis when she was just three years old. Nayeli Sánchez, Sanchez’s mother, spoke out about her daughter’s issues with bullying and a lack of help from teachers. She disclosed that bullying drove her daughter to give up and feel disconnected. Moreover, teachers’ lack of empathy worsened the problem, as they were primarily concerned with completing tasks rather than respecting Sanchez’s emotional well-being.  

Hence, she became more and more isolated and unhappy. Sanchez was forced to switch schools several times due to the unfavorable school climate. But Sanchez’s resilience and spirit remained unchanged during difficult times. She didn’t give up and completed elementary school at the age of five and a year later, she graduated from middle and high school.  

Furthermore, Sánchez’s mother revealed that when Sánchez was young, she started observing her natural brilliance. Adhara demonstrated a remarkable ability to memorize complicated information, such as the periodic table, and taught herself algebra at a young age. Recognizing her daughter’s potential, Nayeli enrolled Adhara in therapy, where a therapist identified her as a genius. Adhara was soon welcomed by the Centre for Attention to Talent (CEDAT), a school for bright children, which provided her with the nurturing environment she required to grow. 

Additionally, Adhara Pérez Sánchez aspires to be an astronaut and discover the wonders of space. Her interest in space exploration and mathematics prompted her to work with the Mexican Space Agency. She hopes to teach young kids to embrace the environment through this collaboration. 

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