PTI Supporter in Hot Water: Khadija Shah Arrested for Masterminding an Attack on Jinnah House


Prominent fashion designer and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporter Khadija Shah has been taken into custody by the authorities in connection with the attack on Jinnah House in Lahore. This incident occurred following the arrest of PTI party chairman Imran Khan on May 9. Previously, Khadija Shah voluntarily turned herself in at the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) Iqbal Town police station. The arrest of the renowned fashion designer has been confirmed by police officials.

Khadija Shah, the daughter of former finance minister Salman Shah and the brain behind the fashion company Elan is accused of playing a key role in the Jinnah House attack.  

After Imran Khan was taken into custody on May 9, a greater wave of violent protests and riots broke out, which included the attack on Jinnah House. The Pakistani Army now refers to this day as a “Black Day.” Both governmental and private properties sustained substantial damage because of the attack on Jinnah House. The demonstrators set fire to rooms, halls, drawing rooms, living rooms, walls, drapes, doors, wooden ceilings, and even the floor, leaving the old structure in ruins.

Jinnah House was the residence of the Lahore Corps Commander. Shah is suspected to have been involved in the attack.

Khadija Shah said in a statement that “They raided my house at midnight and kidnapped my father, brother, and husband.” She expressed worry for her arrested brother and her diabetic father. She emphasized her support for democracy and the Constitution despite the serious charges brought against her, saying, “I am not guilty of any crime, and I am a Pakistani who believes in democracy and the Constitution.”

Prior to Khadija Shah’s surrender, police conducted unsuccessful searches on two houses in Gulberg and one in Bahria Town to arrest her. She was said to have left her flat dressed in a burqa around an hour before the cops arrived. She was also reportedly communicating on a friend’s phone.

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