NGO and Traditional Leaders Call for Women Inclusion and Empowerment to Foster Peace and National Development


Abuja, Nigeria – The Young Mom’s Support Initiative, in collaboration with prominent traditional leaders, has called upon the incoming government and other stakeholders to prioritize women’s inclusion and empowerment as a means to promote peace, unity, and national development. Dr Vivian Sonny-Nsirim, Founder and CEO of the initiative, made this appeal during a symposium on the development of African Women and the public presentation of the book “Diary of an African Woman: Exploring the Highs and Lows of Womanhood.”Dr Sonny-Nsirim emphasized the importance of women’s empowerment and inclusion in addressing the challenges faced by women and girls, as well as fostering sustainable development.

She urged the incoming government to appoint as many women as possible to cabinet and other key positions to effectively address these challenges. By doing so, the government can provide a platform for women to contribute significantly to policy formulation and decision-making processes.Moreover, Dr Sonny-Nsirim announced that the proceeds from the book launch would be utilized to establish an academy skills acquisition center for underprivileged women. This initiative aims to empower women and reduce the prevalence of violence in society. The Young Mom’s Support Initiative also intends to continue collaborating with traditional leaders to discourage harmful traditional practices such as early marriage and promote the importance of girl-child education.

The guest speaker at the symposium, Prof. Casmiar Obialom, highlighted the pivotal role of women as vanguards of peace, unity, and security in the country. He emphasized that empowering women and addressing issues such as Gender-Based Violence (GBV), harmful traditional practices, restricted reproductive rights, and poor political participation would contribute significantly to overcoming economic challenges.Prof. Obialom stressed the significance of equipping Nigerian women with essential skills and tools necessary for entrepreneurship. By doing so, women would be empowered to alleviate poverty and unlock their potential, thereby making substantial contributions to their families, households, and the nation at large.

Adding to the conversation, Dr Ahmed Abdullahi, the Yakanaje of Uke in Karu Local Government Area, Nassarawa, urged women to continue their efforts in promoting peace and unity throughout the country. He commended Dr Sonny-Nsirim for her dedication, passion, and qualities, which have significantly enhanced peaceful coexistence in the state. In recognition of her accomplishments, she was conferred with the traditional title “Madaubiyar Uke.”Similarly, Dr Igwe Ochendu, the Ezedigbo of Karu, bestowed the traditional title of “Ugo Chinyere” upon one of the Igbo nation. He urged women to advocate for peace, unity, and development in the country, emphasizing that the family’s harmony and unity contribute to a peaceful and prosperous society.

The symposium and book presentation served as a platform for stakeholders to underscore the importance of women’s inclusion, empowerment, and their critical role in national development. The incoming government and other relevant stakeholders are encouraged to heed this call, promote gender equality, and create an enabling environment for women to thrive. By doing so, Nigeria can harness the immense potential of its women, leading to a more peaceful, united, and prosperous nation.

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