Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim Stresses Urgent Measures to Bridge Inclusion Gaps in Pakistan


Pakistan has long emphasized digitalization, digital inclusion, and financial inclusion as key national priorities. However, the need to address existing inclusion gaps with concrete actions has become evident, according to Aamir Ibrahim, CEO of Jazz, on World Telecom and Information Society Day. Ibrahim highlighted the responsibility of digital operators to ensure broadband access for all Pakistanis, especially women.

Reaffirming Jazz’s commitment to improving people’s lives and livelihoods through technology, Ibrahim stated, “Digital inclusion has the potential to bridge the inequalities we see today by providing access to essential services in health, finance, and other areas that can significantly improve lives and livelihoods – and that’s why we exist.”Ibrahim underscored the significance of universal access to smartphones and mobile broadband in fostering financial inclusion for the Pakistani population. Although the gender gap has significantly reduced in recent years, women in Pakistan still lag behind men in terms of mobile broadband usage.

Addressing this gender disparity and advancing women’s financial inclusion is a critical priority.”At Jazz, we have played and continue to play a significant role in improving women’s digital and financial inclusion,” Aamir affirmed. “We empower girls through digital literacy programs, encourage female-led enterprises in the startup ecosystem, promote workplace diversity and inclusion, and enable women to access vital services by providing affordable mobile broadband.”Financial inclusion, particularly gender equality in access, is a top priority for https://fb.watch/kAP_5xVJQI/. Aamir highlighted JazzCash’s goal of increasing its female customer base to 50 percent in the coming years. Ensuring easier access to the formal financial system and equal opportunities for Pakistani women is a core inclusion agenda for Jazz.

To achieve this, Aamir stressed the need to enhance women’s access to mobile phones and mobile internet, as digital access forms the foundation of financial inclusion. JazzCash has already found success among female users due to its convenient and secure digital financial services, which allow them to manage their finances from the comfort of their homes, eliminating the need to visit physical banks.

https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063565307618&mibextid=ZbWKwL acknowledged the challenges women face in accessing mobile internet in Pakistan, including affordability and cultural barriers. To address these issues, Jazz has taken proactive steps, including promoting digital literacy among rural women, leveraging advertising platforms to showcase the potential of digital empowerment, and collaborating with partners to provide smartphones through accessible installment plans.The concerted efforts of Jazz reflect its determination to bridge inclusion gaps and empower women across Pakistan. By advocating for digital and financial inclusion, promoting accessibility, and providing essential services, Jazz is making significant strides toward a more equitable and inclusive digital landscape.

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