From Struggles to Success: Melda Akin’s Fight for Gender Equality in STEM 


Melda Akin, a successful computer scientist, and entrepreneur, has established herself as a trailblazer and role model for women in the field of technology. She is from Turkey and has made a tremendous effect as a female leader in a male-dominated sector. Akin works to break down barriers and make the path into STEM-related employment more accessible for the next generation of female leaders through her enterprises, D14 AI and Sirius Labs. 

When she was 10, she was fond of skating, but her father made a deal with her: if she took a computer course, he would take her to the skating rink afterward. The arrangement worked well, as the CEO of D14 AI became intrigued by technology after a few weeks. She got captivated by how computers operated, how they connected to the internet, and how they could communicate with individuals in Sydney or the United States as soon as she began taking computer classes.  She was just curious about how everything worked. Melda struggled academically in the social sciences but excelled in mathematics, geometry, and engineering, so she decided to pursue computer science at university. 

Akin’s excitement inspired her to start Sirius Labs, a mentorship incubator dedicated to encouraging women to pursue jobs in STEM disciplines. She recognized the need for a supportive atmosphere and role models to inspire women in their STEM objectives because of her personal experiences and hardships. Akin acquired insight into the issues that women encounter when pursuing STEM education and employment by doing mentorship sessions at high schools and universities. Using this knowledge, she created a set of solutions and best practices to effectively handle these difficulties. 

Sirius Labs’ mobile application, which plays an important role in teaching users about disruptive technologies, is a significant component of their daily lives. Recognizing that not everyone has a solid foundation in technology, Akin and her team created the application to make complex ideas like artificial intelligence (AI) more understandable. The app comes in two flavors: a free version that enables access to a variety of technology-related material, and a monetized version that collaborates with businesses and academic institutions to develop specialized content. This method allows users to study and interact with technology at their own speed and level of skill. 

Additionally, Akin admits that cultural issues can impact women’s decisions to pursue STEM careers, especially in areas where prejudices and biases are prevalent. Education is critical in removing these outdated beliefs and raising awareness. Akin was lucky to have supportive family members, particularly her uncle, and father, who encouraged her early interest in computers and technology. They understood the significance of introducing her to technology and urged her to take advantage of the opportunities it provided. 

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