From Protectors to Killers: A Police Officer’s Attack on a School Bus in Swat Valley


In a tragic incident that shook the Swat Valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, a police officer assigned to protect a private school for girls unleashed horror by opening fire at a school bus. This heinous act killed an innocent 8-year-old girl and injured five others, including students and a woman. This shocking incident has shaken the community and left the entire nation in disbelief. It has raised numerous questions about the safety and security of Pakistan’s educational institutions.

This horrific incident unfolded on a calm Tuesday morning when a police officer named Alam Khan who was tasked to protect the students attacked a school bus full of teachers and students. He was quickly arrested by senior police official Nasir Satti. Despite initial suspicions of a terrorist attack, Satti made it clear that this incident had nothing to do with any extremist organizations. Alam Khan’s actions are still being investigated by police because it is unclear why he attacked them.

Alam Khan was given the responsibility of providing security at the girls’ school because of concerns about potential extremist attacks. The Pakistani Taliban (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan), who formerly controlled the Swat Valley, was forced out of the area in 2019 as a result of heavy military operations. Nevertheless, the area continues to be vulnerable to isolated acts of violence and needs increased security measures, particularly in educational institutions.

The school bus tragedy has left scars on the entire community in addition to the young victims. Following this horrifying act, immediate action is required to make sure that justice is served, Authorities are putting up a lot of effort to bring police officers to justice. They have initiated a thorough investigation to determine the officer’s motives and any potential lapses in training or protocols.

Additionally, in Pakistan, shootings that target children are rare. This unfortunate tragedy, however, serves as a sad reminder of the deadly attack in 2014 when TTP militants invaded a school in Peshawar, taking nearly 150 lives, mostly students. Following that horrific incident, officials acted quickly to put measures in place to protect schools nationally, especially in the troubled northwest, where Pakistani Taliban attacks on security forces have become more frequent in recent months.

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