“Empower Her Art Forum Showcases Women’s Empowerment through International Exhibition”


The central hall of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) came alive with vibrant paintings, sculptures, and installations during the inaugural edition of the Empower Her Art Forum. This international art exhibition, organized by the Artoday platform and hosted by the NMEC from May 20 to 24, aimed to highlight women’s empowerment through art.

Featuring over 100 female artists from around the world, including Egypt, Bahrain, Belgium, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Spain, Syria, Sudan, Turkey, and Yemen, the gallery offered a captivating display of creativity and femininity.

Shereen Badr, the chief organizer and founder of Empower Her Art Forum, expressed the event’s purpose, stating, “We send a message that women have a voice, and we want it to be heard through art.” To further empower the artists, an online platform was created to market their works, providing not only artistic but also economic empowerment.

One remarkable artwork featured in the exhibition was a dress crafted from single-use plastic bags, created by Zainab Talaat, an Egyptian artist and fashion designer. Talaat’s creation aimed to raise awareness about the harmful impact of single-use plastic and fast fashion, both of which she referred to as “pollutants.”

The art forum also included a live painting workshop, where visitors had the opportunity to witness artists in action. Among them was Maka Zedelashvili, a talented Georgian artist, who not only painted a new artwork called “Rooster as a Symbol of the Sun” but also showcased her acrylic-on-canvas piece titled “Tree of Life.”

Emphasizing the significance of women’s empowerment globally, Zedelashvili stated, “Women’s artworks also need more promotion and support,” highlighting the importance of providing platforms for female artists to showcase their talents.

Visitors were captivated by the diverse collection of art forms presented at the forum. Anna Gryzlova, a tourist from Russia, expressed her appreciation for the event, noting its ability to convey messages through paintings. She stated, “You can see what artists want to tell you in these paintings. I actually like it because I like to visit museums and also enjoy some paintings.”

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization was the perfect setting for this significant event, aligning with the forum’s theme, “Woman Is Civilization.” Fayrouz Fekry, the museum’s deputy director, described the NMEC as not only a place for exhibiting antiquities but also a “cultural lighthouse” capable of hosting various artistic and cultural activities. Fekry highlighted that the Empower Her Art Forum was just one of the museum’s initiatives to offer visitors new and diverse experiences during their visits.

The Empower Her Art Forum successfully brought together female artists from around the world, showcasing their empowering works in an international exhibition. Through art, these talented women conveyed their voices, shedding light on women’s empowerment and inspiring visitors with their creativity and vision.

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