Drew Barrymore Shares Insight into Her Time at Drug Rehabilitation Centre


In a recent heartfelt blog post on her website, renowned actress https://www.facebook.com/DrewBarrymore?mibextid=ZbWKwL opened up about her teenage years spent in a drug rehabilitation institution. The Never Been Kissed star shed light on her experience at the Van Nuys Psychiatric hospital, reflecting on the impact it had on her life.

During her two-year stay at the facility, the Charlie’s Angels actress formed strong bonds with fellow residents who, much like herself, struggled to navigate their anger and find a purpose without resorting to substance abuse or self-destructive behavior. Barrymore candidly expressed, “I bonded with a lot of the kids, because like me, they did not know where to put their anger and they did not know how to live life anymore without the need to get high or self-destruct in some form and fashion.”The institution, according to Barrymore, taught her the invaluable skill of speaking her truth.

However, she emphasized that this newfound ability did not make her an inflexible individual perched on a moral high horse. Rather, it encouraged her to embrace her own story, feelings, flaws, aspirations, and pain—the very essence of her being. It offered her a roadmap for personal growth and the pursuit of her desired life path.

Barrymore drew a connection between her past experiences and her current endeavor, The Drew Barrymore Show. The acclaimed talk show host likened the show to the rehabilitation center, stating, “The show is like the room. All feelings are welcomed, and all behaviors are not.” It is evident that her time at the institution played a pivotal role in shaping her perspective and approach to her professional endeavors.Furthermore, the actress highlighted the significance of her teenage years in shaping her individuality and independence. She revealed, “It was necessary for me to step away and start to become my own person. And at the age of 14, my own parent.” This transformational period of her life empowered her to carve her own path, embracing the responsibilities and decisions that come with adulthood.

In addition to her personal journey, Barrymore emphasized the importance of motherhood, which she frequently explores on her talk show. Her deep connection to the subject arises not only from her relationship with her own mother but also from her role as a parent to her daughters. The actress affirmed, “This isn’t just about my mom. It’s about my girls. It’s about me. It’s about how to simply be a mother.” Through her show, Barrymore aims to share stories and insights into the multifaceted aspects of motherhood, celebrating its joys and navigating its challenges.

Drew Barrymore’s candid revelation about her time at the drug rehabilitation center has resonated with fans and admirers worldwide. Her journey serves as a testament to the power of personal growth and resilience. As she continues to make her mark in the entertainment industry, Barrymore’s story stands as an inspiration to those who are facing their own trials and seeking transformation.

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