Dani Speegle: Pioneering Women’s Empowerment in Saudi Arabia’s Sports Industry


Dani Speegle, the legendary CrossFit athlete, is about to make history as the keynote speaker at Saudi Arabia’s first-ever SFA Expo. The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) is organizing this historic event for the purpose of encouraging wellness and a love of movement throughout the country. It has been disclosed that Speegle will chair a panel discussion on “Women’s Empowerment – How to Overcome Obstacles and Reach Your Goals” on Saturday, May 20, 2023, as an account of the good societal developments taking place in Saudi Arabia.

Speegle is honored to be a part of this historic event and is thrilled at having the chance of inspiring and influencing positive change in the lives of women and society on the other side of the world. The panel discussion she will moderate aims to motivate girls to be courageous and to strive for their dreams, regardless of their career choice.

Furthermore, Dani Speegle, recognized for her CrossFit expertise, has always strived to make a positive effect outside of her sport. Her current “Girls Who Eat” campaign illustrates her dedication to altering the story around women. The campaign aims to challenge old-fashioned beauty standards and reframe women’s talents in sports and in life. Speegle’s campaign has earned international attention for its powerful message.

Additionally, Andrew Stallings, Founder and President of Athelo Group, will speak in a panel titled “Marketing & Advertising Strategies for Fitness Businesses,” bringing unique ideas from a Western viewpoint. Stallings will bring more than 15 years of experience in the sports and entertainment industries in the United States to the Saudi Arabian market. Athelo Group administers a diverse portfolio of athletes across multiple sports, as well as the marketing and communication requirements of sports brands and properties.

Moreover, as the first event of its type in Saudi Arabia, the SFA Expo complements the country’s Vision 2030 drive. This one-of-a-kind vision for economic and social transformation aspires to open Saudi Arabia to the rest of the globe. The event not only encourages fitness and a love of movement but also introduces businesses and assets from around the world to Saudi Arabia’s untapped sports market.

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