Brie Larson’s Viral Moment: How She Masterfully Shut Down the Johnny Depp Question


Brie Larson, an Oscar-winning actress and prominent campaigner for women’s rights in the entertainment sector, was in the spotlight at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival during a panel discussion. Larson, who serves as a judge for the 2023 festival, has received praise for her elegant response to a question about Johnny Depp’s controversial comeback.

One of the reporters questioned her about her thoughts on the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s return. The Marvel star was surprised and replied, “You’re asking me that? Sorry, but I don’t see the connection as to why me particularly. The journalist brought up Larson’s outspoken support for the Time’s Up campaign, a non-profit organization created to aid victims of sexual harassment and increase female voices in the film and television industries, to make his intended connection clear. Larson replied: “Understood. Well, I guess you’ll see if I see it, and if I do, I don’t know how I’ll feel about it.”


#BrieLarson fields a question from a reporter about the inclusion of #JohnnyDepp and his film #JeanneduBarry in the CannesFilmFestival. #todayshow #cannes #festivaldecannes

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Larson’s support for women’s rights in the entertainment industry originates from her desire to make the world a more inclusive and equitable place. Her work with Time’s Up, a well-known organization dedicated to eliminating sexual harassment and gender inequality, has earned her global acclaim as a strong advocate for good change. However, it is essential to recognize that advocacy does not imply personal responsibility for the actions or choices of others in the industry.

Many fans praised Larson for her “excellent” response, while others claimed the journalist’s question was “unprofessional” and meant to “set her up to twist her words.” A gotcha question, that is. One user tweeted, “Brie Larson is not accountable for Johnny Depp’s actions.

Additionally, the 2023 Cannes Film Festival was started by Johnny Depp’s new movie Jeanne Du Barry, which he released just about a year after his contentious trial with his ex-wife Amber Heard. Attendees and the media were intrigued by the event, which signaled Depp’s comeback to the spotlight.

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