Balochistan Home Minister Condemns Terrorist Attack on FC Headquarters, Vows Strong Action


Balochistan’s Home Minister, Mir Ziaullah Langu, made a significant visit to Killa Saifullah Scouts on Sunday to personally evaluate the security situation in Muslim Bagh. The visit was aimed at gathering firsthand information and ensuring that the appropriate measures were in place to address any potential threats. Accompanying the minister were Additional Chief Secretary Home, Saleh Nasir, and Commissioner Loralai, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

During the visit, Colonel Mohsin and Lieutenant Colonel Waqas provided a detailed briefing on the recent operation, shedding light on the terrorist attack that took place at the Frontier Corps (FC) headquarters just two days ago. Minister Ziaullah Langu strongly condemned this heinous act of terrorism, expressing his solidarity with the affected security forces. He praised their prompt and resolute response, commending them for bringing the situation swiftly under control.The Home Minister stressed that combatting terrorism required the united efforts of the entire state machinery, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and synergy. He asserted, “To eradicate the menace of terrorism, we must harness the collective power and cooperation of the nation.” In the face of such cowardly acts, Minister Langu affirmed that the morale and determination of the police and law enforcement agencies would remain unyielding.

Drawing attention to the indomitable spirit of the Pakistani people, the minister highlighted the resilience displayed by women and children in the face of terrorism. He commended their bravery and their unwavering commitment to thwarting the nefarious designs of anti-peace elements within the country and the province.In unequivocal terms, Minister Ziaullah Langu reiterated the government’s stance on maintaining durable peace. He pledged decisive action against any terrorists who challenge the authority of the state, emphasizing that the safety of the public and their property would be protected at all costs.

The Home Minister concluded by expressing gratitude for the unwavering support of the entire nation, emphasizing that the people stand united with their security agencies. This united front serves as a bulwark against those who seek to disrupt the peace and harmony of the region.As Balochistan continues to face security challenges, the visit of Home Minister Mir Ziaullah Langu to Killa Saifullah Scouts showcases the government’s commitment to effectively combat terrorism and safeguard the lives of its citizens. With the combined efforts of the state and the support of the people, the province remains steadfast in its pursuit of lasting peace and stability.

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