Mahnoor Baloch Complains About Lack of Diversity in Pakistani Entertainment Industry


Famous actor-model Mahnoor Baloch has broken her silence on her early retirement from showbiz, citing the lack of diversity and gender bias in the local entertainment industry. Baloch recently appeared on an Eid special transmission of a private news channel where she lamented the limited roles and projects for female stars after a certain age, while their male counterparts continue to get work.

During the outing, Baloch expressed her disappointment with the Pakistani media industry, saying that it only focuses on love stories and portrays actors who are much older than their characters. She also criticized the age limits set for women in the industry and the lack of roles for them, unlike their male counterparts who continue to do different roles throughout their lifespan.

Baloch emphasized that unlike the international media industry, which produces stories on different subjects, the Pakistani media industry only focuses on a certain type of role for women. “Even though the male actor is 55 years old, he would still play a hero. But a woman his age would get the role of his mother or so,” the actor lamented.Baloch’s co-guest on the Eid show, acclaimed actor Noman Masood, also supported her stance. However, Masood believed that conventional love triangles and domestic genre are a safe zone for makers these days, as they fetch TRPs and eventually make the project a hit.

It is pertinent to mention that Mahnoor Baloch is not the only actor who has complained about the type of content being aired on TV channels in recent times. The lack of diversity in Pakistani entertainment industry has been a long-standing issue that needs to be addressed. The mindsets are changing, and audiences are no longer accepting the same old storylines and roles. It’s high time for the industry to produce stories on different subjects and actors of various age groups to keep the audience engaged and bring about a positive change.

In conclusion, Mahnoor Baloch’s statements have shed light on a critical issue that needs immediate attention. The Pakistani entertainment industry must broaden its horizons, embrace diversity, and provide equal opportunities to all actors, regardless of their gender and age. By doing so, the industry can grow and prosper and produce stories that resonate with the audience.