Police Executive Board of Punjab Implements New Policy Mandating Headscarves for Female Officers


In a recent decision, the Police Executive Board of Punjab has mandated the use of headscarves for female officers of the police force to be worn in conjunction with their official uniforms. The decision was made following a survey conducted among women personnel regarding the use of headscarves with uniforms, which revealed that olive green, black, and blue scarves were the most popular choices.

This new policy was formalized by a letter delivered by IG Admin Punjab, explaining that the decision was based on the results of the survey. To assist with the implementation of this policy, the Punjab police logistics department has been directed to offer these scarves to female officers in their preferred colors of blue, black, or olive green, since these colors would complement their uniforms.This move has been met with mixed reactions, with some praising the decision as a way to promote religious and cultural sensitivity, while others criticize it as an unnecessary requirement that could limit the freedom of female officers.

However, the Police Executive Board of Punjab has stated that this decision was made with the best interests of the female officers in mind. They explained that the headscarf mandate will provide protection from the sun and other elements during outdoor duties, as well as serve as a form of identification for female officers, especially in crowded areas.

This new policy has been implemented immediately, and female officers are expected to comply with the new regulations. The Police Executive Board of Punjab is confident that this policy will help to enhance the professional appearance of the female officers while also promoting a sense of unity among them.In conclusion, the decision by the Police Executive Board of Punjab to mandate headscarves for female officers has sparked debate, but the board remains firm in their belief that this policy will benefit the female officers in their duties.

The Punjab police logistics department is now providing the necessary scarves to female officers, and it is expected that this policy will be enforced in the coming weeks.