Meet Madeline Blondman: The Woman Who Revolutionized Beauty Packaging


Madeline Blondman, the founder of Madeline Blondman & Company, was honored at the annual Rutgers Scholarship Luncheon held by the Cosmetic Industry Buyers and Suppliers (CIBS) on April 12th. At the event, Blondman was presented with an honorary membership certificate, recognizing her contribution to the cosmetic packaging industry. CIBS also awarded Jasreet Kaur with a $2,500 scholarship to Rutgers University, and Kaur will have the support of CIBS members during her job search after graduation.

Blondman, who is 94 years old, disrupted the male-dominated cosmetic packaging industry over 41 years ago with her innovation of a luxury alternative to the disc, dust cover, or insert in cosmetic products. Her idea became an integral part of beauty packaging for every major beauty brand. Blondman’s customized luxe inserts and discs were a breakthrough in the industry, and her success was all the more impressive as she was building her business in the male-dominated cosmetic packaging industry in 1972, at a time when most women didn’t even work.

Blondman’s daughter-in-law, Randi Barron, and grandson Evan Blondman, now run Madeline Blondman & Company, continuing her legacy. The company manufactures its components in the US on custom-built machinery. Discs for every size jar are embossed and debossed, and there are two solutions for compacts—custom vacuum-form or die-cut dust cover inserts that can be printed or hot-stamped.

At the CIBS event, attendees had the opportunity to hear about Blondman’s experiences in the industry and her encounters with some of the biggest beauty companies, including Mary Kay and Estee Lauder. Blondman was ahead of her time as a woman in manufacturing, and her experiences resonated with many of the attendees. The fact that women weren’t allowed to attend CIBS meetings or join the networking organization until sometime in the 1980s made the event all the more special.CIBS has several upcoming events, including the Golf Outing on June 12th, Summer Luncheon on July 27th, and FIT Scholarship Luncheon on October 11th. These events provide a platform for industry professionals to network, exchange ideas and knowledge, and support the future generation of cosmetic industry leaders.

Blondman’s story is a testament to the perseverance and determination required to succeed in a male-dominated industry. Her innovation paved the way for other women to make their mark in the cosmetic packaging industry.