Discover Your Perfect Taylor Swift Album-Inspired Look with This TikTok Filter 

red iPhone playing Taylor's Red
Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

Are you a die-hard Taylor Swift fan who’s always wanted to channel her signature makeup looks from each album era? Well, now you can! Thanks to a new TikTok filter created by @art_by__alyssa, you can finally rock the blue butterfly eye shadow from Taylor’s debut album or the bold red lip from 1989. This filter is a game-changer for Swifties, allowing them to express their love for Taylor’s music and style all at once. This filter will take you through every stage of Taylor’s career, from the blue butterfly eye shadow of her debut album to the flirtatious purple and blue smokey eye of her most recent work, Midnights. 

All 10 of Taylor Swift’s studio albums are transformed into a distinctive makeup look by the “Taylor Swift Eras Makeup” TikTok filter. You can finally determine which album you are on since the makeup is based on the relevant album cover. The filter guides you through every phase of Taylor Swift’s career, from her self-titled debut to Midnights, her most recent album. 

How Does the Filter Work? 

In honor of Taylor Swift’s debut album from 2006, the filter begins with a light pink lip color and blue butterfly eye shadow and eyeliner. From then, it walks you chronologically through each album. The result is unique to each album cover and includes a makeup look for the eyes and lips that precisely matches the design of the album. 

To use the filter, open the “Effects” tab. Search for the “Taylor Swift Eras Makeup” filter and select it. The filter then takes you through each album and the corresponding makeup look. Additionally, the filter has a sound you can utilize called “Updated album sound,” which has recordings of Taylor Swift’s voice saying the names of each album during an interview or a song. 

Here are some of the makeup looks: 

  • Taylor Swift: The effect starts with soft pink lips, blue butterfly eyeshadow, and eyeliner with facial jewels  
  • Fearless: Fearless fans are surprised by the pink lipstick and glitzy golden eyeshadow makeup.
  • Speak Now: Makeup with purple and gold eyes and dark pink lips gives Speak Now vibes.  
  • Red: Dark crimson lipstick and gloomy maroon eye shadow take fans to the Red era.
  • 1989: 1989 makeup is a major vibe with eyelids with a white cloud and bird pattern, a bright purple eye shadow base, and a bold red lip. 
  • Reputation: Reputation won’t be surprised to see their favorite album gets deep red lip, thick black eyeliner, and stunning snake detailing over the eyelids 
  • Lover: A lovely pink lip color, little hearts around the eyes, and eye shadow that is primarily baby pink with traces of blue and purple take you to the Lover era.  
  • Folklore: “Folklore” look is plain pink lipstick, grey eye shadow with corresponding star embellishments around the eyes, and monochromatic black and white eyeliner.  
  • Evermore: It features a sophisticated copper eye color with a dark pink lip 
  • Midnights: It gives a whole “Midnights” vibe with reddish-pink lips with a flirty purple and blue smokey eye with bejeweled sparkling embellishments near the eyes.  

The Taylor Swift Eras Makeup filter on TikTok is really popular. Some fans believe that their favorite album’s makeover style just makes them appreciate it more, while others seem to have a renewed interest in Swift’s albums like Fearless. The Midnights makeup, according to TikTok’s favorite Swiftie @mikaelarellano, was “giving Euphoria.”