Eyelash Hack Alert: How to Achieve Longer & Straighter Lashes with an Upside-down Curler


Audrey Boos, a beauty and lifestyle content creator on TikTok, has recently revealed a unique and effective way to curl your eyelashes for a more lengthened appearance. In a recent video, Boos suggests flipping the eyelash curler completely upside down, then clamping the mid-shaft to ends of your lashes to make them appear straight.

Afterward, simply flip the curler back to its normal position and curl as usual directly from the roots. Finish off with your favorite mascara for a complete look.According to Boos, this upside-down eyelash curler hack can make your lashes look 10 times longer. It creates an L-shaped curl instead of the traditional C-shaped curl, resulting in a sultry siren-eyed look that has been popularized by celebrities like Megan Fox and Kylie Jenner. However, if you prefer a more rounded, doll-like look, this hack can still elevate your daily makeup routine.

Eyelashes are an essential part of any makeup look, and mascara is often seen as the hero product to achieve length and volume. With this new hack, however, it’s possible to enhance the curl of your lashes without having to purchase a separate curling tool. This beauty trend has quickly gained popularity on TikTok, with many users trying out Boos’ hack and sharing their impressive results.In a recent interview with Bustle, Emilia Clarke commented on the power of mascara, stating that “nothing can be wrong when you’ve got enough mascara on”.

Boos’ upside-down eyelash curler hack is just another example of how a few simple makeup techniques can make a world of difference in how you look and feel. With the right tools and products, anyone can achieve their desired makeup look and feel confident and beautiful.