Florence Pugh’s Hot Ones Appearance Leaves Fans Cheesy with Laughters


Florence Pugh’s recent appearance on the popular Youtube talk show Hot Ones has captured the attention of fans and social media users alike. The Midsommar star took on the challenge of an increasingly spicy platter of chicken wings while being interviewed by host Sean Evans. During one segment of the show, Pugh was asked to describe “the cheese board of your dreams,” leading to a hilarious exchange between the actor and Evans.As Pugh struggled to handle the spice, she listed “four kinds of cheeses” that would make up her ideal board, including goat’s cheese, gouda, and a crunchy cheddar. The visibly uncomfortable actor wiped sweat from her forehead and admitted that she was sweating from her eyebrows. Despite the heat, Pugh impressed viewers by making it through the lineup without drinking milk or water, a feat that few guests have achieved on the show.Social media users were quick to declare Pugh’s “cheesy” Hot Ones interview the “best ever,” with some calling it their “new favorite thing to reference.” Others praised the actor’s handling of the show’s signature hot sauces, noting that she made it through the challenge with ease.Pugh’s appearance on Hot Ones is just the latest in a string of wins for the rising star, who has recently been making waves on the red carpet and in her roles on screen. The Don’t Worry Darling star has also faced rumors about her accent, with some speculating that she has been faking a British accent. Regardless of the rumors, Pugh’s talent and charm continue to win over audiences, and her appearance on Hot Ones is just further proof of her ability to handle anything that comes her way.