Conversations with a Groovy Girl: The Surprising Record Deal of Kalley Cutrone


Kelly Cutrone, founder of People’s Revolution and star of hit reality TV shows, The Hills and Kell On Earth, recently opened up to Bustle about her wild past and the impact she had on young girls and gay kids. Cutrone admits to being a “hot mess” in her twenties, living in Los Angeles, and heavily into drugs. But after a spiritual experience that led to a detox, she never missed a day of spiritual practice again. She even started reading tarot cards on Venice Beach. Then, a surprise record deal landed her in New York. She recalls not even having a winter coat when Atlantic Records signed her. Fortunately, Richard Perry, who produced “You’re So Vain” for Carly Simon, bought her a full-length, cashmere coat worth $6,000. Cutrone talks about being proud of herself for sticking up for women and telling the truth. Her presence on reality TV was polarizing, but she sees it as an opportunity for young viewers to see inside a fashion and publicity office. As a result, she feels like she gave young girls and gay kids permission to go into PR. Despite her extreme legacy, Cutrone is proud of the impact she had on her viewers.