Laura Thweatt Earn First Place in Women’s Citizens Race at 2022 Bolder Boulder

Photo: lthweatt/Instagram

Laura Thweatt, 33, took first place in the women’s citizens race during Bolder Boulder’s 42nd edition. Laura Thweatt didn’t enter the Bolder Boulder with the intention of winning. Her competitiveness, on the other hand, surged once the race started. She finished in 34 minutes and 59.40 seconds at Folsom Field. Lafayette’s Neely Gracey came in second in 35:04.28.

It has been disclosed that the Bolder Boulder citizen’s race has welcomed an estimated 50,000 racers. However, only one woman could be the first to cross the finish line. Laura Thweatt who calls Boulder home is now the winner in her hometown race. Thweatt is a Monarch High School track and cross-country coach. The Marshall Fire destroyed the houses of six of her students. To assist them get back on their feet, she helped raise nearly $30,000 and gathered clothing and shoes from sponsors.

Thweatt, who was born and raised in Durango, graduated from the University of Colorado in 2011 with honors. She was named to the All-Big 12 team five times and had some of the top times in CU history in distances ranging from 800 meters to 10,000 meters. Thweatt, who now runs professionally for Saucony, is recovering from an injury and says she only had three weeks of training before she went into the race.

Furthermore, she is truly astonished, and she said that she had some girls chasing her down, and it’s Colorado, so one can’t expect to go to a race and not have to fight. She was honestly surprised as she was able to earn the victory. Even though she was ready for a workout, Thweatt said the competitive juices started flowing immediately as the race started.

“I didn’t want to run too fast, but by the second mile, I realized I was in a race. ‘I’m just going to go for it and hope I can hold on,’ she says. So, yeah, I became competitive and ran fast. You won’t be able to get rid of it.”  That’s not how she felt about the Bolder Boulder in her only previous time running this event. She competed in the women’s international pro race in 2013. Thweatt was 12th with a time of 35:37.7 for her USA team, who finished third.