Model Alexis Ren Announces Her Official Entry into NFT World with Siren

Photo: alexisren/Instagram

Model Alexis Ren has officially entered the NFT world with Siren. Siren is a female-led community of 10,000 unique NFTs built on top of the Solana blockchain supporting mental health, education, and eco-villages founded by Alexis.  Alexis writes a new chapter in her life and wants it to be different from other NFT projects in that it is largely community and mental health-focused.

Alexis rose from being an Instagram sensation to becoming a big social media influencer, a world-class supermodel, a rising community leader, and now a Web3 business. She may be known to millennials as an Instagram influencer, but future generations may regard her as the face of Web3 and NFT wellness.

Ren launched Sirens with Allie Michelle, a co-founder of We Are Warriors (WAW), a 2x best-selling author, and a certified educator in various holistic techniques, and Nicole Behnam, the inventor of Beyond Media, a conversation platform, as well as a Web3 advisor, NFT personality, and an educator. The project’s goal is to create a Utopian world, which is one of Web3’s promises. Sirens have been successful in attracting around 10,000 members.

Sirens will begin by establishing a community online through NFT sales, but Ren emphasizes that she wants Sirens to be more than just an NFT initiative; she wants Sirens to be a portal back into the real world, giving its users a sense of belonging. Alexis is also intrigued by the possibility of “NFTs becoming tangible” and serving as keys to real-life human experiences.

In addition, Sirens intends to build eco-villages. Ren lived in Hawaii, where she learned what it’s like to live in a beautiful eco-friendly home with solar panels, a garden, and a spiritual vibe. As a result, she intends to purchase land in Texas where members of the community can come together, connect, and appreciate the beauty of nature and life itself.

Furthermore, Sirens Village will also hold a summer camp and festivals where community members and think tanks may exchange ideas and connect. Crypto courses, weekly virtual health classes offered by We Are Warriors (WAW), and DAO capabilities such as decentralized ownership, voting rights, and the development of eco-villages are all on Sirens’ plan.

Alexis is also a cryptocurrency supporter.  She first heard about cryptocurrency in 2017. She didn’t entirely comprehend it at first, but she gradually became more comfortable with it. And it was only one and a half years ago that she began investing in cryptocurrency.