Taylor Swift Earned Honorary Doctorate from New York University

Photo: taylorswift/Instagram

American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has accepted an honorary doctorate degree from New York University. Swift, 32, was the special guest of honour at the university’s spring graduation, which was held this year in Yankee Stadium in New York City, where tens of thousands of newly graduated people greeted her with loud applause.

Various forms of “Doctor Taylor Swift” began trending on Twitter before the ceremony even started, along with the hashtag #22GraduatesVersion. Swift made sure to take advantage of the fact that she is now a doctor. “I’d want to thank NYU for making me a doctor, at least on paper.” she remarked, “Not the type of doctor you’d want around in an emergency.”

Swift shared a TikTok video of herself getting ready for the show before taking the stage. She captioned the shot, “First time wearing a cap and gown.” “NYU, I’ll see you shortly.”

The singer was awarded an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts for being a trailblazing and renowned advocate for artists’ rights, as well as one of the most creative and recognized musicians of her time. She stepped up to the stage after receiving an honorary fine arts doctorate to deliver a 20-minute speech to the school’s graduates.

Taylor encouraged them to be optimistic and try really hard when it comes to the things they love, before telling them to acknowledge that they will surely make mistakes as they move forward with their post-college lives. The Grammy winner was one of three people honoured by the university with honorary degrees. Swift earned her first college diploma while still in high school, after performing on concert tours.

Furthermore, Taylor Swift’s progress as a creative music entrepreneur is covered in a course offered by NYU. Taylor Swift delivers a graduating speech at NYU in 2022. She praised NYU’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Bill Berkeley, and all of the board’s trustees and members, as well as NYU President Andrew Hamilton, Provost Katherine Fleming, and the faculty and alumni in attendance for making the day possible.

She said that none of us are here today because we did it alone. We are all patchwork quilts made up of people who have loved us, trusted in our potential, shown us empathy and kindness, or told us the truth even when it was difficult to hear.

Additionally, she said that she began composing songs when she was twelve years old, and it has been the compass that has directed her life, and her writing has governed my life. Whether it’s directing videos or a short film, producing tour visuals, or standing on stage performing, everything she does is a continuation of my writing.