Glass Ceilings Being Broken as Saudi Women Become a Vital Part of the Ongoing Changes


Saudi Arabia’s women and youth are at the forefront of the country’s important economic and social reforms. According to the observations made by Sarah Al-Tamimi and Noor Nugali, the participation of Saudi women has become a vital part of various projects reshaping the Saudi economy, workplace, and culture, among other things.

Sarah Al-Tamimi, vice-chair of Saudi Arabia‘s National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking, and Noor Nugali, assistant editor-in-chief at Arab News, made these assumptions abreast of their interaction in a panel discussion at the Arab Women’s Forum in Dubai on May 17 titled “Saudi Women Pioneers: Change from Within.”

Al-Tamimi believes that women in the Kingdom are living in a golden age, with opportunities rising at a faster rate than at any other time in history. She went on to say that the Saudi government is actively working to ensure that women take advantage of these opportunities. Sarah added that a number of reforms have been undertaken to encourage women to enter the job market while also protecting their rights, ranging from freedom of movement and travel to anti-harassment legislation and regulations.

Furthermore, regardless of their jobs, Saudi women have always been tough, resilient, and incredibly diligent, according to Nugali. According to her, the difference today is that they have options that were not available before the announcement of Vision 2030. Noor Nugali added that now we see more Saudi women achieving top positions and thriving in various professions. It wasn’t a lack of talent in the past, but rather a lack of chance, which has finally been shown. As a result, we’re seeing a lot more women in high positions in the workforce.

Additionally, Nugali explained that a number of pillars serve as a basis for future female leaders in Saudi Arabia. A robust support system from family, friends, and role models they can learn from is essential in addition to ambition and hope. Saudi society is quite close-knit. “Don’t hire women to fulfill a quota,” Nugali said, emphasizing the significance of equality and opportunity for all. Hire the best candidates, male or female, and provide them equal opportunity. That is the focus of our vision.”