Standard Chartered Confirm the Launch of ‘WomenInTech Cohort 4’

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

Standard Chartered Bank, in collaboration with INNOVentures Global (Pvt) Limited, has confirmed the launch of Cohort 4 of the Standard Chartered Women in Tech Programme in Pakistan (WomenInTech). This initiative was started in Pakistan in 2019, and out of the 700+ participating businesses, 66 female founders have graduated, with 19 receiving initial capital.

The Standard Chartered Bank focuses on increasing capacity for women-owned small businesses through this program. The Standard Chartered Women in Tech Programme, in collaboration with INNOVentures Global, aims to enhance women’s economic and social growth in Pakistan through creativity and technology-led entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, Standard Chartered America originally established the WomenInTech incubators as a local community effort in October 2014. The initiative is now active in nine countries, reaching a total of 1,632 young people and delivering USD 447,000 in seed investment since 2019.

SCWomenInTech provides business management training, mentoring, and initial money to female-led entrepreneurial teams. This programme aims to reduce gender disparities in the technology sector and to use technology to address social issues that communities face. They are a key part of the entrepreneurship program within Standard Chartered’s Future Makers initiative, which aims to reduce disparity and promote economic inclusion globally.

Rehan Shaikh, Chief Executive Officer of Standard Chartered Pakistan, said the SCWomenInTech was created with the intention of eliminating obstacles, offering opportunities, and advancing financial inclusion for women in Pakistan, which is a top focus for the government and the State Bank of Pakistan. This programme has shown to be a wonderful platform for ambitious female entrepreneurs in Pakistan throughout the years by assisting them in realizing their full potential, he noted.