Here’s How this Entrepreneur’s Love for Jewellery Helps Her Establish a Successful Brand

Photo: akanksharora/Instagram

Akanksha Arora who is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery, Mumbai (IIGJ), interest and love for jewellery was strengthened when she married Tarang Arora. At the age of twenty-five, Akanksha launched her brand and was important in the development of verticals at Amrapali Jewels Pvt. Ltd, as well as the introduction of Tribe Amrapali’s website and retail outlets.

Akanksha disclosed that she along with her family launched a Facebook page for the mother company, Amrapali Jewels, and got the concept for Tribe Amrapali. Back in the day. They used to share photos taken with their phones on the Amrapali Jewels Facebook page. Many clients from all over the world expressed an interest in purchasing their work. They kept asking whether they had an internet store and if we could mail their jewellery pieces all across the world. That is when the thought came to them.

Akanksha began selling jewellery through the Facebook page, shipping items halfway around the world to her customers. At the same time, she started brainstorming ideas for an internet store. The brand has established a global footprint as a top jewellery brand under her innovative leadership, with a successful rollout in over 20 locations across six countries.

When she first launched Tribe Amrapali‘s e-commerce website in 2013, all of the operations were managed by her and two other employees. She hired a tech team to create a website because none of her team had any experience with IT or e-commerce. Her tiny team was responsible for all end-to-end work during the initial phase, including designing the jewellery, processing it for production, and packaging all of the products. Primary responsibilities were replying to all customer inquiries and emails.

As Tribe Amrapali’s visibility grew and our customer base grew, she realized she needed to scale up operations, which is when she began hiring more people. Her core team currently comprises four essential individuals, with a total team strength of 40-50 people. The present revenue is one hundred times higher than it was when it first started. She is now the CEO of Tribe Amrapali, where she oversees innovation and design, guaranteeing that the brand maintains its heritage spirit while generating contemporary designs.

Furthermore, in comparison to Amrapali Jewels, Tribe Amrapali symbolizes more cheap pieces of jewellery that are created in larger quantities. With the growth of Tribe Amrapali, she has been able to overcome all of the problems she had previously faced. She disclosed that she along with her family can now sell jewellery online while keeping prices cheap, quantities expandable, and items that are easy to ship internationally with fewer duties.