Naomi Osaka Announces KINLÒ Suncare Line Expansion into Retail with Walmart

Photo: naomiosaka/Instagram

Japanese Tennis Player Naomi Osaka has confirmed the exclusive expansion into retail with Walmart. This decision would bring the popular skin protection line for people of color to stores nationwide. KINLÒ has earned recognition as Naomi Osaka’s functional Suncare brand launched exclusively for people with melanated skin.

Naomi Osaka, a four-time Grand Slam tennis winner, and campaigner founded KINLÒ Brands. Dr. Naana Boakye, KINLÒ’s Dermatology Director, is increasing awareness and educating people of color about skin cancer, sun damage prevention, and the mortality rate of skin cancer cases in the Black community, as well as expanding the discussion on accessible Suncare products for people with darker skin tones.

KINLÒ is being recognized for its best-selling Golden Rays Sunscreen SPF 50+ which is a mineral-based, non-chemical sunscreen with a golden tint that mattifies and helps protect melanin-rich skin without leaving a white cast. KINLÒ is enthusiastic to be advancing its shade range to include new Light, Medium, and Deep shades that enhance a wider range of complexions primarily in Walmart stores and online at for $11.97.

New products arriving at Walmart include the Always Golden Daily Moisturizer $11.97, a tinted daily moisturizer with SPF 40, the Always Golden Daily Body Lotion $11.97, an all-over moisturizer with SPF 30, the Sunscreen Stick with SPF 30 $11.97; the Cooling Body Gel Moisturizer $9.97; and the Sunspot Brightening Moisturizer $9.97.

Furthermore, it also includes Hydrating Face Oil $9.97, Coconut Body Oil $9.97, Hydrating Golden Mist $9.97, Hydrating Eye Cream $9.97, and UV Body Stickers $4.97. These all are among the KINLÒ favorites that will be available at Walmart. The prices of the products will range from $4.97 to $11.97.

“I never liked using sunscreen as a kid because of the white residue, and I supposed my natural melanin would protect me anyway, but that’s not the case.” “I got a bad sunburn the first time I went to Australia, and then I started doing more research and discovered that people of color have a significantly lower skin-cancer survival rate,” said Naomi Osaka, KINLÒ’s founder. “I founded KINLÒ to teach others about proper sun protection, regardless of their appearance or where they live.” Offering KINLÒ products at Walmart is a significant step toward increasing Suncare awareness and accessibility on a national scale.”