Student Entrepreneur Rachel Keller Launch Online Magazine to Empower College Women

Photo by Nicole Angelova on Unsplash

Rachel Keller, a student entrepreneur, was fed up with male-dominated environments and issues pushed on young women by the mainstream press, so she took matters into her own hands and launched an online magazine for college women, written and designed by college women. She believes that what distinguishes her publication is the deeper, more personal challenges and situations she and her friends encounter on campus and beyond.

She wrote a magazine to resolve problems such as women’s safety, reproductive rights, unachievable standards of beauty, and sexual harassment and assault mitigation. Keller is a finance student at the University of Miami. Keller credits her entrepreneurship knowledge to her classes at the Miami Herbert Business School and her leadership role in the TAMID Group.

TAMID Group is a student organization that helps undergraduate students develop professional skills through experiential learning such as hands-on engagement in startup projects, summer internship opportunities, and more. Rachel magazine named Miss. Miami Magazine is an online magazine for female University of Miami students published by Rachel Keller.

Through the magazine, she strives to teach about sex discrimination and other urgent issues facing college-aged women as a 100% student-run organization. The magazine earned the University of Miami’s UDisrupt female entrepreneurship challenge in April 2022. In addition, she hopes to instill feminist values in the student body and foster a culture of safety and equality for all students. She is always on the lookout for new authors and designers to join her team.

“I launched Miss Miami magazine so that female students from all across the University can relate,” Keller said, adding that she wants her publication to be a resource for women who don’t feel oppressed. “By writing and giving others a forum to break down topics in a straightforward way that doesn’t make anyone feel like they aren’t enough, I hope to counterbalance such thoughts.”