Renowned Indian Motivational Speaker Sabrimala Embraces Islam

Photo by Faseeh Fawaz on Unsplash

Sabarimala Jayakanthan, a well-known Tamil Nadu motivational speaker and social activist, has embraced Islam. She embraced Islam after reaching Makkah. Sabarimala landed in Saudi Arabia and stood in front of the Ka’bah in the Haram mosque in Makkah, declaring her conversion to Islam in a video broadcast on social media. Sabarimala Jayakanthan changed her name to Fatima Sabarimala after this.

Sabarimala was born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, to a Hindu family in 1982. Alagar Sami and Kaliyarasi are her parents. She later married Jayakant. Sabarimala has a son named Jayacholan as well. She began working as a government school teacher in Dindigul in 2002 and eventually left, citing the importance of the country over her employment.

She also posted a video on social media explaining why she was willing to change her religion. In a video message, she stated, “I questioned myself why I was so antagonistic to Muslims, and that is how I began reading the Qur’an with a neutral mind.” “Now that I know the truth, I love Islam even more than before,” she added in the video.

Sabarimala further claims that she opted to name Fatima out of love and reverence for the Prophet Muhammad as Fatima is the name of the Prophet (S.A.W). Fatima Sabarimala emphasized that being a Muslim is a wonderful honor and respect, and she wanted Muslims to teach everyone about the Qur’an. ‘You’re holding a fantastic book in your hands. Why is it tucked away in the house? “It should be read by the entire globe,” she declared in a video message from the Haram mosque.