This 18-Years-Old Entrepreneur Solve Your Summer Clothing Problems with her New Collection, Ahaya

Photo by Nick de Partee on Unsplash

18-years-old Anushka Gupta has solved your summer clothing problem as she stepped foot in the world of haute couture with the introduction of her new collection, Ahaya. This new collection of Anuska Gupta is from her online-only clothing brand 31 Labels. 31 Labels, which debuted on Friday, is a hotspot of ultra-modern trends, perfect for Gen-Z women looking up to their everyday style quotient with smart, contemporary outfits. The brand is modern and fashionable, and it caters to a wide range of women’s fashion needs at affordable prices.

31 Labels complement your individuality and enhance your appearance. 31 Labels Colorful patterns, vibrant colours, and a wide range of styles bring a vibrant touch to your living. 31 Labels products are unrivaled in their creativity, turning heads and making competition envy. 31 Labels, established and designed by Anushka Gupta, a teen entrepreneur, is here to reinvent style and redesign your wardrobe.

Anuskha disclosed that she knew she wanted to start with a summer collection because summer is the most conceptually hard season for designers. She needs to combine style with comfort, sophistication with swagger, and color combinations that are in tune with the different emotions.

Anushka Gupta began her professional career as a young student studying business economics at Westminster Business School in London when she was eighteen years old. Her parents had already built several successful businesses, so business savvy was nearly embedded in her.

Furthermore, Anushka’s business and entrepreneurship roots were intact, and she decided to expand her business expertise. She conducted significant market research in the fashion industry, her area of competence and enthusiasm, and created a couture line unlike any other. 31Labels was founded at that time.