Sandwell Woman Become Author of a Children’s Book to Pay Tribute to Her Own Childhood

Photo by Olia 💙💛 Gozha on Unsplash

Linda Mason, an Oldbury resident, has fulfilled her lifelong dream after becoming an author of a children’s book, paying tribute to her own childhood. Linda Mason, was born in the West Midlands in 1952 and has a large family of her own, is one of six siblings. She is a great-grandmother as well as a grandma. She has a diploma in nursery nursing and worked as a highly competent care manager for the elderly before developing glaucoma and losing her sight.

She now spends much of her time tending to her garden and writing, and she hopes that Dolly and her pals capture the delight of the young. The children’s book which she wrote was called ‘Dolly Daydreams’ Garden Friends.’

Her book tells the story of a young girl who meets new friends and receives unexpected discoveries while exploring her grandfather’s garden. The 69-year-old claimed the book’s title was inspired by a nickname her grandfather gave her when she was a small child, and she explained how she came up with it.

Linda said she has always wanted to write a book but when she lost her sight, she believed the opportunity had passed. But it wasn’t until her mother’s final days that she understood she was the last in line and had to keep the family name alive. Her sister and her six children, she claimed, had been extremely helpful throughout the process, typing up her stories and double-checking them for her. Linda stated that she was living her ambition and intended to inspire others to write a book.

Furthermore, she remembered her youth as being quite happy because her family was so close, therefore she drew on those memories to write this book, which includes many of the first names used for these characters. She is happy because it’s wonderful to be able to keep her aunties, uncles, and parents’ memories alive through this, and it’s like reliving her youth.

Linda’s accomplishments in getting a book published, as well as a second yet-to-be-named book ready for publication, are all the more remarkable given that she is blind, having lost her vision 15 years ago. Linda honestly believes that anyone can do it if they take on the challenge and realize there’s nothing to fear.

Furthermore, she’s had the opportunity to stand at school assemblies and listen to one of the students read one of her stories, and it’s wonderful to know that they enjoy hearing what she wrote. It was especially sweet when some of them approached her and expressed their gratitude for her stories, and she said that she loved them just as much.