Entrepreneur Sakshi Launch ‘Gharobaar’ to Help Homepreneurs Sell Products Online

Photo by Tanaphong Toochinda on Unsplash

Sakshi Aggarwal, an entrepreneur, has founded ‘Gharobaar’ to assist homepreneurs and home-based businesses in displaying and selling their products online. Sakshi was a successful finance professional who worked at Citibank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, IndusInd Bank, and ICICI Securities before venturing into entrepreneurship.

During the pandemic, Sakshi had an entrepreneurial idea. She has noticed that there are numerous small homepreneurs involved in various activities such as cooking, knitting, painting, and so on, but they lack the resources to run the business on their own or lack business acumen. They are experts at what they do, but they don’t know how to turn it into a business.

Sakshi also noticed that, as trends changed, there was a greater emphasis on organic, handmade, local, trustworthy, and high-quality products that could be found in a single location at reasonable prices. With the help of her family, she founded Gharobaar in December 2020 and began full operations in October 2021. The name is a combination of the words Ghar (home) and Karobaar (business).

Furthermore, Sakshi and her co-founder Aditya Gupta, her husband’s childhood friend started planning on the offering and tried to find answers to why a seller should sell with them and why a buyer should buy from them. Following that, they both partnered with a tech company, sharing their ideas with them via business requirement documents, and working together to release the MVP (minimum viable product).

Simultaneously, they began obtaining suppliers and working to raise awareness. They also hired a marketing firm to collaborate with us on brand building and to begin educating people about the offering. In addition, while Gharobaar’s suppliers are spread across 23 states, the company’s headquarters are in Delhi. The majority of the test marketing is also taking place in Delhi, where the founders are employing a few offline engagement techniques in addition to online by arranging exhibitions and participating in fairs.