Rabia Edhi Step Forward to Continue the Responsibilities of her Grandmother Bilquis Edhi

Photo: Edhi/Facebook

Dr. Rabia Edhi, the granddaughter of Bilquis Bano Edhi has stepped forward to continue the responsibilities of her grandmother. Bilquis Edhi who was also known as the “Mother of Orphan” passed away at the age of 74. She had been suffering from heart and lung issues and was admitted to a private hospital a few days ago, where she succumbed to congestive heart failure.

After her death, her granddaughter decided to continue the legacy of her grandparents. She will now take care of orphans just like her grandmother. Her decision to take over her grandmother’s responsibilities made this the third generation of Edhis to take care of those who have nobody to take care of them.

Faisal Edhi announced on social media, alongside a photo of his daughter, that his daughter Rabia Faisal Edhi will now continue her mother’s mission to alleviate humanity’s suffering. He went on to say that his daughter, Dr. Rabia Faisal Edhi, who is dressed as her great grandmother today, has reaffirmed her determination to conduct her great mission with all her heart.

Bilquis Edhi’s responsibilities were overseeing the ladies’ section, as well as giving away children for adoption. Her duties primarily included overseeing women-specific and children-related sections throughout Pakistan. Her two daughters also collaborate with her. She visited Edhi Homes all over Pakistan on a regular basis to monitor their activities and make recommendations on how the work should be done. She was also successful in enabling Edhi Homes as true “Centers of Excellence.”

In cases of child adoption, she ensured that the criteria for approving or disapproving couples who want to adopt a child are met. Bilquis Edhi interviewed couples who wanted to adopt a child. Her adoption criteria were that the couple is still childless after 10-12 years of marriage, that the prospective father’s salary is reasonable, that the prospective father does not have alcohol or drug-related problems, that the prospective mother is younger than 50, and that the couple owns a house.

Her foundation does not provide children to couples who frequently change their residence. Edhi Foundation provides care for children who are physically or mentally disabled. Now all of her responsibilities are taken care of by her granddaughter, Dr. Rabia Faisal Edhi.