“Meta Ramadan Majlis” Featuring Artisans from Kashmir Held in Metaverse

Photo by Daniele Franchi on Unsplash

On Saturday night in Dubai, a Meta Ramadan Majlis took place, which is reported to be the first of its type in the metaverse. The metaverse is a virtual environment that can be joined by persons donning virtual reality headsets, enabling their avatars to engage with one other as well as with things in the metaverse, such as video playing or a file of papers.

Chikara Global, a women‘s collective working with artisans and artists around the globe, and Biennale.io, a community-driven ecosystem catering to creators in the Middle East’s art and cultural area, collaborated on the Meta Majlis. Dr. Mariam Ketait is the Emirati founder of Chikara Global.

According to Dr. Mariam Ketait, the Emirati founder of Chikara Global, the Majlis saw the participation of professionals and youth as a way to start a conversation about the future of communities and the potential in the Metaverse as a platform for community development and solutions. Dr. Ketait stated that the Meta Majlis “virtually hosted” artisans from India who were working on education and upskilling women in order to assist them to become financially independent.

The Chikara collective was redesigned in 2021 to collaborate with entrepreneurs, craftsmen, craftswomen, and artists from all around the world. It develops digital solutions and facilitates its market entry through B2B and B2C solutions. It also provides opportunities for them to gain publicity and display their artwork and products.

A brainstorming session amongst community experts, tech experts, artists, medical staff, mental health specialists, and youngsters was also held during the event to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of opening up places to promote access to healthcare, entrepreneurs, and other government needs. In the meta majlis, a broad mix of people was present.

Furthermore, the attendees discussed how new options for bringing people together and creating additional opportunities in education, retail, and community development can be generated. Aside from the guest artisans from Kashmir, the schedule included an introduction to the Metaverse, NFTs, and the future of art, as well as an art walk with artists from the UAE