Tami Ostmark Become First Female Owner at Hamlet Homes

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Despite the fact that women make the majority of house purchasing decisions, practically every construction company in America is run and owned by males. It is no secret that construction, like many other industries, is dominated by men. Nonetheless, that statistic is both startling and unmistakably true.

The gender pay gap is the most interesting in the construction industry, at 94.3 percent of what men earn, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While the employment rate for women in construction is only 11 percent and less than 3% in leadership roles, the gender pay gap is the most interesting in the construction industry at 94.3 percent of what men earn. Tami Ostmark has changed the statistic and was appointed to an ownership role at Hamlet Homes.

Tami Ostmark commented about her appointment and said that this chance excites her. She considers it to be her life’s work. In her corporate career, She has held positions that society has labeled as “manly.” She feels like she has had to put forth more effort to establish herself. When most people think of home construction, they think of men. Women are more likely to be the ones to make home buying, design, and architecture decisions. Empowering women so they realize they can do anything in this industry is more vital than ever.”

Hamlet Homes values women’s empowerment and motivation. They have opted to support the dreams of one hardworking woman. Nominate yourself or another woman on the rise at the Hamlet Homes website to receive Hamlet’s Women in Construction Grant, which includes $2,500 to help them achieve their goals. The winner will also get memberships in the Salt Lake Homebuilders Association (SLHBA) and the Professional Women in Building Association (PWBA) (PWB). These organizations provide women with the resources they need to excel in the construction business.