13-Year-Old Nyla Hayes Become a Millionaire by Selling the NFTs of Her Digital Art


A 13-year-old American artist has made history as she becomes a multi-millionaire by selling her portraits of long-necked women as NFTs. Nyla Hayes, 13, has been drawing since she was a child, but she only lately started producing works of women with lengthened necks, such as Michelle Obama, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Lucille Ball.

Hayes loved brontosaurus dinosaurs as a kid. They were captivating and powerful, she thought. They were even termed long neckies by her. With the help of her mother and support from her uncle, she started selling some of her 3,000 drawings as NFTs, earning thousands of dollars per piece. A digital asset that mimics actual objects in the real world, such as artwork, music, in-game items, and films, is known as an NFT.

She only showed the photographs to her family and friends at first, as she was afraid that others wouldn’t like it or think it was strange. Her uncle, on the other hand, urged her to sell them as NFTs, and her parents and brother assisted her in figuring out how to do so. Even so, she had no idea they’d be such a hit.

Last August, her most valuable NFT, a hand-drawn, computer-generated collectible out of 3,333 unique girls, went for 4 ETH, or approximately $11,737, and her work has sold for about $7 million in total. Her photos include ladies with a variety of skin tones, hairstyles, makeup, and accessories, yet they all have the same extra-long neck.

Nyla isn’t just making money; she’s also winning awards. She was named the first Artist-in-Residence at Time Magazine in 2021, and she replicated the magazine’s cover images of its ‘Women of the Year.’ Furthermore, she has also partnered with Creative Arts Agency in March.

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