Cathy Stender Becomes First Women Inducted into Ford


Ford Motor Company operates over 3,500 dealerships around the United States. Only 31 men had made it into Ford’s Dealers Hall of Fame as of 2022, and they were all from those stores. In March, Cathy Stender of Woody Anderson Ford was officially welcomed by company directors, fellow dealers, and the Ford family at a private event as she becomes the first woman inducted into Ford.

Since Stender joined Woody Anderson Ford in 2003, the dealership has grown to become the country’s largest Ford dealer. She has established herself as a successful businesswoman by utilizing her psychology expertise to better understand her community and discover new ways to push limits and innovate.

Stender managed the company’s development into the Madison area with the Hughes Road plant, as well as the purchase of the Ford dealership in Fayetteville, during that time period. While coping with the early 2000s financial crisis, she also supervised a massive makeover and addition to the 150,000+ square foot dealership on Jordan Lane.

Furthermore, Stender had previously made history with Ford Motor Company. Stender was the first woman to get the Salute to Dealer honor in 2005. Her work with children and methamphetamine usage is extraordinary, and it has contributed to a better quality of life in North Alabama.

Stender says her goal and enthusiasm for the future are as strong as ever while the automotive titan prepares future expansions to accommodate our community’s growth. Over the next ten years, the automotive sector will see a revival due to the electrification of America’s roadways, stated Stender. This is the first time something like this has occurred since Henry drove the Model-T off the assembly line, and you can bet we’ll be at the vanguard of change once more.