British Fashion Brand ‘boohoo’ Debut NFT Collection to Empower Women in the Digital Space


2000s fashion brand ‘boohoo’, founded in Machester, has launched the boohooverse which is a Web 3.0 platform set up to empower women in the digital space. Women-led NFT projects and female artists will be the focus of Boohoo’s efforts. To become a part of the futuristic metaverse fashion scene, it will organize NFT drops and celebrity partnerships.

Fans who were lucky enough to get their hands on the 3D NFT cards will have access to all future metaverse and fashion projects, NFT drops, and partnership updates. 1/20 of the winners will also get a year of free premier delivery on all boohoo orders. Boohoo has over 13 million Instagram followers and has collaborated with celebrities such as Megan Fox, Zendaya, Paris Hilton, and others.

‘boohoo’ took to Twitter and wrote: “We know the NFT space is male-dominated, we know that NFTs are expensive, we know we’re gonna change this together. Follow us & keep your eyes open to know alpha on boohoo’s upcoming drops, think exclusive access to NFTs, mega-collabs, and the future of metaverse fashion.”

Amy Kilner, an NFT artist, and creative designer, collaborated with the brand to create an exclusive NFT access card. Boohoo cards, which were created on the Polygon blockchain, were absolutely free and rapidly sold out. As prominent fashion firms continue to enter the metaverse and introduce NFTs to their fans, it appears that digital fashion is becoming “the next big thing.”

Amy Kilner took to Instagram and wrote: “Today boohoo web3 Access Card NFT I’ve created has been revealed over on Twitter. You can win pre-sale spots to own one of the limited free to mint supplies right now, holders receive exclusive access to all future metaverse activity plus secret utilities.”