Meet Dr. Fatima Al Kaabi who Develop a Breakthrough Treatment for COVID-19

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

Dr. Fatima Al Kaabi, an Emirati consultant hematologist residing in Dubai, has become a well-known figure in the medical literature. She and a team of experts have developed a novel COVID-19 treatment that has been patented. Dr. Al Kaabi studied medicine at UAE University (UAEU) and then got her Master’s in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in the United States. Her breakthrough in regenerative stem cell inhalation therapy has earned her a spot in the UAE Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Dr. Al Kaabi disclosed that the pandemic has sparked interest in stem cell research and the nation’s genome project. When the pandemic struck, her stem cell center team and she joined hands to try to discover solutions to the problem at hand. She and her team strive to make a difference and they realized that they had to pool their resources. She and her team came up with the idea of UAECell19 after a few discussions and brainstorming.

UAECell19 Treatment

In moderate-to-severe situations, COVID-19 attacks a patient’s lungs and drastically affects one’s ability to breathe. According to Dr. Ak Kaabi, using the centerfusion approach, her innovative regenerative treatment collects stem cells from the patient’s own blood. The patient next uses a jet nebulizer to inhale his or her own stem cells for two days. The treatment has no side effects, and the therapy has been proven to be both effective and safe in lowering lung inflammation and increasing recovery.

Dr. Al Kaabi and her team also got success in treating the first patient with their new breakthrough treatment. Her first patient was a man in his early 60s. He was on a ventilator and was dialysis-dependent and suffering from multiple organ failures. Before the treatment, his heart was hardly beating at all. But after the UAECell19 treatment, he didn’t need dialysis after a week of treatment. His condition improved, and he was able to leave the hospital on his own. Dr. Al Kaabi disclosed that the story of her first patient has a special place in her heart.

Dr. Al Kaabi disclosed that she drew inspiration from her patients’ stories and courage. She said that UAE has a unique ecosystem that has been built by visionary leaders who have eradicated the word ‘impossible’ from a dictionary. She is a proud Emirati and is really proud of what her country has accomplished. She knows there will be more achievements and successes for the country in the future, thanks to visionary leadership.