German Racer Laura-Marie Geissler Unveil First-Ever NFT-Supported Racing Team


German racer Laura-Marie Geissler has launched the first-ever NFT-supported racing team in collaboration with creative firm Amsterdam Berlin and blockchain-backed platform Unblocked. Laura-Marie Geissler is a 23-year-old racecar driver from Munich. She will introduce the team called LMG GT No.1.

The LMG GT No.1 livery is based on a race legend’s design. Its skin is marked by the incisions made by cosmetic surgeons. It represents the strain placed on female drivers’ physical appearance. At the same time, it is a protest against women’s objectification in racing. The NFT is an appeal for equality between men and women in the racing world.

Furthermore, a 360° render of the livery is included in the NFT collection, as well as a high-res top image of the design. Laura-authentic Marie’s LMG GT No.1 race car will also have the buyer’s name. Her signature Arai GP-6 helmet will also be mailed to the highest bidder after the auction. There is also a set of 100 digital race outfits and 1001 helmets with varied versions and originality. The revenues from the NFT sales will be used to fund Geissler’s racing season in 2022.

In addition, Moritz Grub, cofounder of Amsterdam Berlin GmbH, remarked that this idea seeks to redefine the way sports sponsorship works. It makes use of NFT technology to enable a new decentralized sponsoring model that gives athletes a level playing field regardless of gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic standing.

On the other hand, Harrison Wang, cofounder of Unblocked commented that Unblocked is incredibly happy to join with Laurie-Marie Geissler to bring fans closer to the action than ever before while highlighting some of the industry’s most marginalized voices.