Pakistan’s Emma Alam Beat 100+ Competitors to Earn 13th World Speed Reading Championship

Photo: Emma Alam/Instagram

Emma Alam has once again made Pakistan proud by earning the 13th world speed reading Championship. She has bagged the title by defeating 100 plus contestants from all around the globe. This year the championship was organized in hybrid form. It was postponed earlier due to COVID-19. The event was ended this week with a great victory for Team Pakistan.

Previously, Emma Alam has won the World Memory Championship for the year 2020. She was managed to break multiple historical records with partner Syeda Kisa Zehra. Making her country proud, Emma and Zehra participated in 10 disciplines and gave an exceptional performance.

This time in the 13th World Speed Reading championship she has again made her country proud. Speed reading is not a tradeoff between speed and comprehension, despite what people think. Reading, comprehending, and remembering information in a relatively short time is possible with the appropriate techniques.

Furthermore, in the Speed Reading Championships contestants are given a book and given a maximum of two hours to read it. When the contestant has done reading, their time is recorded, the book is collected, and they are handed the comprehension question paper. Those question papers contain 20 questions created by the author and an arbiter from the Guild of Mind Sports Arbiters, along with a few unique rules.

The questions, for instance, just require one or two words to answer, with no multiple-choice options. The given book at the 2021 championship had a total of 15,823 words, which Emma Alam read in 20 minutes and 4 seconds at 789 words per minute, with a remarkable comprehension rate of 97 percent. This gave Emma an effective reading speed of 7,648 words per minute.

In addition, after winning the competition, Emma feels amazing to bring home another World Championship. She succeeded in inspiring others. Emma’s goal is to inspire young females and youngsters, in general, to adjust to learning methods that are faster, easier, and game-changing for academic greatness. For the past four years, Emma and her team have competed in a variety of mind sports.