Singapore Based KarineDAO Introduces NFT Collection to Empower Women


Singapore-based company KarineDAO has introduced the NFT collection to encourage more and more women to step foot in the NFT world. The KarineDAO project is one of the first local DAO projects to interact and connect established enterprises with a modern NFT twist. The initiative and its supporters create an environment where like-minded entrepreneurs with similar goals can come together to create a more safe, effective, and productive community.

The KarineDAO project is a collection of 1515 digital NFT collectibles, called Karine NFT, to be minted on the 17th of March 2022. Every Karine NFT has its own set of qualities that bring considerable advantages to its owners. One of the most important advantages is that the owner can benefit from Karine’s enterprises, and cooperation with other firms, both local and global brands.

Karine Cheong is the founder of KarineDAO. Karine is a beauty enthusiast and the 2016/17 Asia Successful Achiever winner. She has more than a decade of expertise in the Beauty and Health industry, where she has built enterprises all around Southeast Asia.  Her aim is to use the power of innovation and community to empower more women and entrepreneurs throughout the world.

Furthermore, she aspires to be a prominent presence in the NFT sector by inspiring, educating, representing, and inspiring others. A survey disclosed that women make up just 16% of the NFT market while men make up the majority. KarineDAO is striving to help more and more women to enter the NFT world.

Additionally, there are three main principles of KarineDAO. One principle is to introduce the NFT world to women and recruit more female NFT collectors and traders. The second principle is to assist its members in learning and earning in the industry by tokenizing their unique material and therefore assisting them in realizing their goals. Finally, the third principle is to assist and fund female empowerment-focused enterprises. Karine’s network will benefit from the shared resources, which will bring value to the projects she supports.