Cortney Gumbleton New Podcast Tells Stories of Women Who are Redefining the Wild World of Entrepreneurship

Photo by Soundtrap on Unsplash

Social worker and entrepreneur Cortney Gumbleton has started a new podcast series to tell the stories of women who are redefining the wild world of entrepreneurship. Her aim is to help women to learn from the successes and failures of other women. She named her podcast “The FoundHers Club.”

Gumbleton’s enthusiasm to actively welcome women to the club inspired the name of the show. The first episode, which aired on Jan. 21, starred Meghan Forest Farmer, the founder of The Bright Factory, a sustainable T-shirt factory that employs formerly jailed women. Gumbleton is a 37-year-old Wisconsin native who now calls Azle home. She landed in Fort Worth during her eight years in the US Navy, where she worked as a military police officer and a plane captain.

Furthermore, Cortney Gumbleton stayed in Texas after two tours to earn social work degrees from Texas Christian University and the University of Texas at Arlington. Her social work includes hosting a health and wellness radio show on TCU’s KTCU-FM, which helped her prepare for her transition into podcasting. In 2018, she launched her first company, Locavore, a commercial kitchen incubator.

Additionally, Gumbleton’s goals, according to her, are intimate connections with small company owners and a desire to empower women. She began writing down the names of potential interview topics and eventually discovered herself with a spreadsheet containing the names of 400 female entrepreneurs in Fort Worth alone. While other entrepreneur-focused podcasts provided inspiration, Gumbleton was adamant about forsaking the traditional interview format.