World Of Women NFT Join Forces with The Sandbox For A Metaverse Museum


World of Women confirmed that it has joined forces with The Sandbox. The Sandbox is a virtual gaming world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experience. The two groups will join hands to lay the foundation of the WoW Foundation, which seeks to bring more women and diversity of thought into the NFT and metaverse spaces.

From four friends who shared a vision and joined forces to establish WoW, the company has grown to a team of nine dedicated to creating a beautiful, diverse, and empowering collection as well as a flourishing community. WoW enjoys welcoming members to the NFT space and providing a welcoming environment for everyone from newcomers and collectors to developing artists and NFT fans.

The WoW Foundation will be established by World of Women, with a $25 million investment from The Sandbox. In short, the WoW Foundation will work to increase the number of women who participate in Web3 through education and mentoring. As a result, it wants to contribute to the project’s overall goal of expanding women‘s representation in decentralized places.

Furthermore, the Sandbox and WoW partnership are for five years. In these years, WoW foundation will have enough funding to continue pursuing its aims for a long time. To that purpose, World of Women has identified four pillars on which it will concentrate its efforts. It is aiming to improve the environment by supporting artists and financing projects, educating newbies, raising awareness of women’s issues while motivating others, and giving back to charities are just a few examples.

In addition to the cash, World of Women will have access to The Sandbox’s network, as well as that of its parent firm Animoca Brands, and recent partner Brinc. Naturally, the Wow Foundation intends to assist creators with their Web3 endeavors by providing mentoring, supporting their first mint, and assisting them in hosting metaverse exhibitions.

A number of innovative initiatives will be launched by World of Women and The Sandbox. There will be a WoW Museum in The Sandbox metaverse. The 3D World of Women avatars is another significant project that is sure to thrill World of Women members. These avatars will be released as part of the project’s Alpha 2 launch. Finally, WoW University and WoW Academy will also thrill the member. In The Sandbox, WoW University will offer free online courses.