Amanda Bynes Opens Up After Filing to End Conservatorship


Amanda Bynes finally opened up about her decision to end the conservatorship. The former child star, who earned popularity as a comedic starlet on Nickelodeon’s “All That,” has been under a conservatorship for nearly nine years, ever since 2013. Amanda’s decision to file for conservatorship termination comes after she started feeling that her condition is improved now.

Previously, in 2013, Bynes’ mother, Lynn Organ, was given interim conservatorship after the actor allegedly lit a driveway on fire and was put on an involuntary mental stay. Later, in 2014, Organ was granted full conservatorship. Lynn Organ fully endorses her daughter’s petition to end the conservatorship. A hearing has been scheduled for March 22.

Furthermore, Amanda took to Instagram and shared a video of herself. She said “What’s up Instagram. Amanda Bynes here.” “My court date is coming up in two weeks. I want to thank you all so much for your love and support.” Peace out, she said in a video. She also shared new posts were on her account. In one video, Bynes is seen removing her glasses to reveal her fading face tattoo, captioned “Tattoo removal process.”

The petition which Bynes filed in February revealed that she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and has been living in an organized community for women since 2020. According to the lawsuit, her physician states that she has no evident deterioration in attention and concentration, information, and processing. Her psychiatrist also confirmed that she has no thought disorders.