Basketball Star Brittney Griner’s Arrest in Russia Leave Supporters Anxious

Photo by Tom Briskey on Unsplash

American professional basketball player Brittney Griner, a legendary professional basketball player who plays at home in the WNBA, abroad for overseas clubs, and internationally for Team USA, has left her supporters worried after the news of her detainment in Russia reached to them. Her supporters are worried about her well-being and afraid that she might become a political hostage.

Griner was suspected of smuggling considerable amounts of a narcotic substance by Russian police, who said she had cannabis oil in her luggage. Smuggling substantial amounts of a narcotic substance is a crime punishable by up to ten years in jail. It is still unclear when Griner was detained last month or where she is currently being held.

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, governments and citizens around the world have shunned Russian goods and imposed devastating sanctions. The relatives and allies of Griner and other imprisoned Americans, such as Trevor Reed and Paul Whelan, are seeking to liberate their loved ones. According to a member of the US House Armed Services Committee, it will be extremely difficult to get Griner out of Russia, right now, as US diplomatic contacts with Russia are non-existent.

Furthermore, Griner is a well-known female basketball player in the United States and around the world. She is only the second woman to score in an NCAA tournament game, and the first in a WNBA game. She has advanced the game in numerous ways during the last decade.

In addition, those close to Griner have voiced their displeasure with the Russian authorities’ imprisonment and lack of transparency. Griner’s wife, Cherelle, expressed the anguish of waiting in an Instagram post. “There are no words to describe the agony I’m feeling. I am in pain, and we are both in pain,” she stated.